Can I Buy Life Insurance Online?

Yes, you may be able to purchase life insurance coverage over the internet.

However, it depends on whether or not you qualify for the policy you are applying to buy. Whether or not you qualify will depend on your age and health.

However, there are also guaranteed issue policies available for people ages 45-85.

But, term life insurance does offer life insurance you may buy online and even begin your coverage the same day. These are referred to as instant issue, or simplified issue term life plans.

Usually, with quick issue policies there are no health exams needed, but you will have to answer some questions about your current health status and your health history when you apply for your policy.

The pricing, amount of coverage available, and qualifying requirements will vary by insurance company. Some insurers offering the online purchase of life insurance include Haven Life, ANICO and Globe Life, among others.

Here’s how to buy life insurance online today, if you qualify.


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